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ING Belgium launches a new bank account pack including a current account, two insurances and a financial check-up

ING Belgium launches a new bank account pack including a current account, two insurances and a financial check-up

ING launches the ‘Do More’ pack, the most complete current account package on the Belgian market.

ING Belgium revamps its current account offer with the launch of ‘Do More’: a complete banking pack that includes a current account along with extended services such as a free check-up of your finances with an expert and two built-in insurance policies. In so doing, the bank is continuing to go full steam ahead in protecting the financial health and purchasing power of its customers. ​

It’s increasingly common these days to manage our day-to-day banking needs either online or on our smartphones. Especially younger generations such as Gen Z consumers and Millennials who like to shop online but are also increasingly price conscious. As a bank, our role is rapidly evolving into that of a financial coach, protecting the purchasing power of account holders. Through a financial check-up, which helps account holders be prepared for the next major steps in life. But also by being the first bank to integrate two forms of insurance to the current account package. So our customers can get even more out of their current account,” said Sali Salieski, Head Retail & Private Banking at ING Belgium.

Accidentally damaged your new smartphone? The ‘Do More’ pack got you covered!

Anyone paying for a new smartphone via debit card, for example, will see their purchase protected against accidental damage or violent theft within 90 days of the purchase or delivery date. All thanks to free insurance cover linked to their ING current account package.

This purchase protection applies not only to products bought online with an ING debit card but also to in-store purchases. The indemnity will not exceed €3.000 per claim and per period of 12 consecutive months following the first claim. The refund that account holders can claim is up to 3,000 euros per claim per year.

Can’t see Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes or Taylor Swift at the last minute? Money back!

Besides protecting purchases, ING Belgium also offers the first ticket cancellation insurance linked to the current account package. If the client can’t make it to a concert, festival, theatre, or comedy show due to illness, an accident or theft, he will be reimbursed for tickets worth 25 euros or more.

Customers who have their salary deposited monthly in their current account will pay less

The brand-new ‘Do More pack offers much more than just a current account:

  • Besides the two built-in insurance policies, account holders are entitled to a personalised check-up of their finances by a financial coach
  • Customers who also have their salary, pension or at least 700 euros deposited monthly into the current account will pay just 1.90 euros per month instead of 5 euros, a saving of almost 40 euros per year, making ‘Do More’ the most complete current account package on the Belgian market ​
  • With ING+ deals, our cashback programme, clients can get up to 11% cashback at more than 50 major retailers
  • Account holders aged between 18 and 25 pay nothing at all for the ‘Do More’ pack.
  • Euro cash withdrawals as well as mobile and instant transfers are free of charge
  • Account holders have the option to apply for a Visa Classic credit card, which is free for the first year provided if is the first and only credit card linked to the pack

For existing customers holding an ING Lion Account or an ING Green Account, nothing will change. However, they have the option, using the ING Banking app, to switch easily to one of the new packages without changing their account number. Clients can also open a ‘Do More’ account in just a few clicks through the app.

ING Belgium informs all its customers in accordance with legal requirements.

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